Top 5 financial tips when travelling abroad


Travelling abroad, more often than not, is quite a challenge. There are a lot of things to consider apart from your travel arrangements and most of the time you realize something has slipped your mind when you’ve already left. To make it easier for you, we’ve summed up our top 5 financial tips that are essential for anyone who travels overseas.

–  Set your travel spending budget

Plan your budget, so you can stay on top of your personal finances and expenses while abroad. Always have an additional sum prepared for unexpected situations and emergency cases.

–  Organize your regular payments in advance

If you have any payments that need to be made while you’re abroad, set up a standing order or direct debit and have it sorted before you leave. That way you can check that task off your list and enjoy your journey.

–  Set up your mobile banking

Having instant access to your funds is vital when travelling overseas. You might not have your laptop with you all of the time, so setting up your mobile banking will guarantee you constant access to your money. Install the Satabank mobile app, so you can manage your funds and keep track of your transactions on the go.

–  Carry less cash

Having less travel money on you is safer and more convenient. With Satabank’s contactless Debit Mastercard you can spend money easily without the need of cash. It has global coverage and can be used anywhere in world where Mastercard is accepted. Apart from its innovative chip and PIN technology providing highest security to your transactions, you can also block the card immediately from your mobile or laptop, if it gets lost or stolen.

–  Currency exchange

If you’re a travelling to a country which has a different currency, exchange your cash before you go, so you can avoid higher exchange rates and commissions. When using your Satabank Debit Mastercard, always pay in the local currency instead of your own, if the retailer gives you the option to choose. This way your account will be charged using Satabank’s preferential exchange rates and you will avoid paying unfavorable rates plus merchants’ conversion fees on top of it.

There’s no better feeling than anticipating your upcoming trip, so having everything ready and thought-through well in advance will guarantee you worry-free travels. And if you still don’t have the Satabank app on your mobile, click here to read more.

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