Satabank among the frontrunners launching SEPA Instant Credit Transfers

Satabank SEPA Instant Credit Transfer

We are proud to announce that Satabank PLC has officially joined the growing list of financial institutions participants in RT1 – the first pan-European instant payment infrastructure. The solution, developed by EBA CLEARING, enables 10 seconds end-to-end Euro transfers between member institutions. Currently, there are nearly 600 payment service providers from nine European countries whose number is expected to increase in 2018.

The launch of RT1 was on November 21 and Satabank’s customers will be among the first people on the continent that will be able to make SEPA transfers in real time. The service is suitable for individuals and businesses, who regularly send or receive money to and from other European countries. It is secure and compliant with anti-fraud, anti-money laundering and clients’ data protection legislations.

This is an exciting and historical leap for all of us that takes us closer to our mission of positioning Satabank among the leading and most innovative online banks in Europe.

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