How to improve your business payouts to vendors, suppliers and affiliates


Since digital technology has removed the barriers for global payments, businesses have been growing their operations and expanding into new markets. However, with the rapid development of international trade, the volume of payments that companies need to make to the increasing number of vendors, suppliers and affiliates has also marked a rise.

Satabank’s Mass Payment Solution is tailored to help businesses optimize their payment processes by creating an efficient way to initiate multiple national and cross-border money transfers in a variety of currencies with just a single click.

What are the key benefits? With Satabank’s Mass Payment Service you will:

– Simplify and optimize your payments and handle large payment volumes

– Reduce time and effort to manually input and initiate bank transfers to each recipient separately

– Minimize the risk of human error

– Eliminate the risk of overdue payments

– Free up resources that you could allocate to other tasks and activities and increase your business productivity

Satabank’s Mass Payment Solution is a powerful tool providing unmatched flexibility and efficiency suitable for every business. In the highly competitive economic environment it is vital for companies to successfully manage the relations not only with their clients, but also with their vendors, suppliers and affiliates from end to end.

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