Announcing the release of our new generation mobile app

Satabank mobile app

At Satabank, we are happy to announce the release of our brand new mobile app for Android and iOS. It’s powerful, it’s intuitive and gives the clients everything they need to run their entire financial life from the comfort of their smartphone.

We designed the app to provide smarter, better and faster banking – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at any point of the world.

The app has a beautiful design and easy-to-use navigation reinventing the banking experience as we know it while giving our clients the freedom to perform various payment operations directly from their smartphone. With just a few taps.

Via the mobile app, the clients can:

  • Review transactions history and slide through account balances with ease
  • Make SWIFT and SEPA transfers in seconds
  • Transfer funds between accounts and open new ones
  • Send money to other Satabank clients instantly

Furthermore, the mobile app allows greater convenience and control by enabling the clients to block and unblock their Sata Cards anytime as well as receive real-time push notifications. This way, they can always stay in control of how their cards are used and keep a close eye on the account activity.

As ever, our clients’ security is a top priority. And this is why we use the most advanced security technologies like tokenization and fingerprint lock-in to guarantee everything stays secure and protected with us.

The Satabank mobile app is already available in App Store and Google Play. Download it now and discover smarter, better and faster banking!

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