3 Effective Practices to Help You Improve Your Payroll Processes


We all know no company on earth will say they love doing payroll. Simply because it involves too much paperwork and way too short timeframes. Not to mention situations where your team can’t cope within the deadlines which leads to unwanted delays and frustration among the rest of the staff. And, of course, repeating cases of that kind will surely turn the curve of your employee satisfaction into a negative slope line. Does that sound familiar?

Well, then we have an easy 3-step solution which will transform your payroll processes, improve your employee retention and optimize your workflows.

  1. Go Paperless

If you still haven’t done that, it’s a huge mistake, because it will cut your work probably in half. Especially if you’re a large organization with hundreds of employees. That doesn’t refer only to switching to e-paystubs and getting rid of the printing and distribution part, but also to implementing a cloud-based employee database system that will hold all your employee and payroll data in one place. All that plus so many other great advantages you probably haven’t thought of yet, like:

– Easier onboarding of new employees

– Goodbye to personnel paper files

– Goodbye to filing cabinets

– More time to organize the actual payroll

– Less operating costs

– Easily searchable and accessible information

  1. Improve salary delivery time

Use Fintech – take the worry about salary delays off your shoulders by adopting innovative payment solutions and start paying your employees on time every time. That includes both your in-house staff and the outsourced workforce, like freelancers and other personnel that works remotely (full-time or part-time).

  1. Perform regular audits

As the need for accuracy is of prime importance, internal audits are a necessity to ensure all policies are strictly followed and all employee information is updated and correct. Analyze your whole payroll process and, if needed, modify and adjust it accordingly.

Having a seamless, smooth and error-free payroll is no easy task, but in today’s world of high technology and endless opportunities, nothing is impossible. Whatever route your organization decides to take with regards to their payroll procedures, one thing is a must – use the right technology and know-how to best fit your goals and reach optimal results.

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